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Anup Batra


This is an excerpt from a recent interview given by Matt Cutts, who is verily the ‘horse’. For those who don’t know, Matt is a veteran blogger on all issues pertaining to Google. He also heads the Google SPAM team.

Key findings from the interview :

Avoid backlink obsession : According to Matt, selected quality links from authority websites e.g, government, media, education etc are more credible than a large number of links from ‘any’ website


“Why are my 297 links:

1 x PR7 + 25 x PR6 + 151 x (PR5 and PR4) + 120 x (PR3)

are nothing in Google’s eyes compared with my competitor’s site which only has got 59 links

(4 x PR6 + 38 x PR5 + 17 x PR4)

That site is the first for the normal KW query . How can it be true?”

Obviously, the latter has better quality links pointing to it.

My Comments :

There is one caveat here. Don’t buy high PR links to get around this challenge. Actually go about obtaining authority links by natuaral methods e.g providing useful content on your website, creating newsworthy stories which get picked up by journos, providing tools and calculators on your website which people link to automatically. Also there is nothing wrong with soliciting links from complementary businesses and strategic partners.

More from the horses mouth in my new post. Follow the horse and get rewarded for your SEO efforts.

We like to follow the google guidelines. There are two benefits :

* Our SEO Services are robust and once our clients get the coveted rank 1, they retain it
* Our SEO Services are SMARTER giving our clients quicker results

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