How Much is Cheap SEO Costing You?

Anup Batra


Keep your eye on the prize! It’s only cheap if you get results and return on investment, if you don’t, it’s actually much more expensive! Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain, but let’s face it, if the quality isn’t there you won’t receive what you’re paying for, so is it really such a bargain? Just what do you get for your money and what are the guarantees?

When it comes to SEO quality makes a lot of difference, for example; if an SEO company doesn’t work in accordance with Google, your ranking may appear quickly but as soon as Google notices you will be confined to what is called Google hell…down 50 or 100 pages. In some cases Google penalties could go to the extent where you can’t be found even for your business name.

So how do you pick a gooden? If you not only look for, but get proof of a few things, you’ll increase your chance of finding a good SEO provider:

  • References – don’t be afraid to ask! If a company is ecstatic with their SEO company they will love to shout about it
  • See how are they doing for their own rankings for phrases on Google for phrases like SEO, ‘SEO Company’ if they aren’t somewhere at the top of the page then how will they help you?
  • They should be able to provide you with not just 2-3 keywords where they have been able to get top rankings but at least ten times as many where they have achieved page 1 rankings
  • Proof of return on investment – if you don’t get back more than you put in it’s a waste of time

If your budget is limited and you have a bit of time on your hands you could try an SEO workshop so you can optimise your website yourself!

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