How Rich Snippets Can Help Your Website Increase Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jasmine Batra


Have you ever wondered why certain businesses get an image and/or star rating at the bottom of their listing on Google?

Well, those tiny little additions are called rich snippets and they play a very vital role in helping your website convert potential clients into sales, whilst helping you to boost your SEO efforts.

Rich snippets come in a variety of formats but they all do one very important thing; they help users find out more about what is in the website before they click on it.

For example, if you are running a food website with recipes in it, the rich snippets will show an image and the star rating of a particular recipe that the user is searching for. Even if you are ranking slightly lower than your competitors, rich snippets have the ability to capture the eye of users and makes them want to visit your website instead.

Not only does this increase your Click-through rate (CTR), it also helps to turn your website into a sales lead generator!

To help you further understand the significance of rich snippets and its many benefits, we have specially prepared an interesting infograph for you!

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