How to track the progress of your SEO efforts

Anup Batra


When doing SEO for your website or after engaging an SEO Company, it is important to monitor the progress made on a regular basis. Many a times, reports can be confusing or misleading. The best way to monitor the progress of an SEO initiative is to check for some key indicators like:

  • Changes to website title, tags, descriptions and content (Have they been made & what approach is being taken)
  • Number of Backlinks created : There are number of tools for this but the most simple way is to type link : on the google address bar. If you see the number of links increasing, your SEO efforts are working.
  • Quality of Backlinks created : Have a look at the quality of quality of backlinks created. Is the text on the links using some of the keyphrases that your site is getting optimised for
  • URL* Names : What do the URL Names on your site look like. Has your SEO team or SEO Company created specific URL’s which are keyword rich or are your URL’s confusing.

    * : URL stands for Unique Resource Locator and very simply means the full internet address of a page on the website by way of which it is identified uniquely. For example, is a good URL for the page pertaining to truck tyres ad is a lengthy confusing URL and will not help in optimising the page for the keyphrase truck tyres.

  • Atltags for Images : Is your SEO team or company creating short,descriptive tags for images on the website? This is easy to check. All you need to do is to right click and see image properties.
  • These are some very basic things that can reveal the progress of an SEO initiative. A detailed SEO Audit can also be conducted to see whether your SEO efforts are on the right track.

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