Algorithm Agony: 5 Ways to Work With The New Instagram Algorithm

Jasmine Batra


Unless you’ve been sitting under a social media rock, you’ve noticed that Instagram has been busy rolling out some serious changes to its app. Many users believe the developers updated to a multicoloured logo to distract from a bigger overhaul, namely the controversial Instagram algorithm change. Instead of viewing feeds in order of time posted, users are now shown posts in the order Instagram believes they will want to see upon first opening of the app.

So what does this mean for businesses?

How do we avoid falling into the big black void of social media advertising? How do we not only stay afloat but come out on top on a platform that’s only getting more and more saturated with content?

I recently published an explainer on how Instagram’s new changes were going to affect its 400 million users. 

And just this month, Instagram have upped the ante, with not only their new business profile ‘Contact’ buttons – with direct links to email, call, or get directions straight to your business – but with Instagram Stories that might make other social media accounts redundant.

No matter what your business objectives, what better time than now to be sharing my tips on making the most of these changes to maximise your reach…


Engage, engage, engage!

The easiest way to keep people coming back to your content – and interested in your business – is by interacting online. Instagram followers that already liked and commented on your content prior to the algorithm revamp will be shown your content even more now, as Instagram considers your posts relevant to them. Even if you’ve posted content a few days ago, those most likely to convert with a like here or comment there are going to be shown your content like new when they reopen the app on another day. Great! So, the best way to secure a returning (Insta)‘Grammer and keep them away from that ‘Unfollow’ button is by reposting – sending the love right back at ‘em!

Call them into action

Just because Instagram is an image-centric app doesn’t mean words aren’t important. Having catchy captions, particularly ones that spark engagement through a call-to-action will do wonders for your business and keep your posts hanging around longer in feeds. Tell browsers how to ‘get your free quote now’, ‘claim your free trial’ or ‘follow the magic’. Don’t dismiss competitors or influencers either – the more exposure, the better.

Quality over quantity

Now it’s all well and good to keep your existing followers happy, but what about attracting others? The best way to attract Instagrammers is by posting less frequently with a better quality feed. Why? Because instead of a saturation of posts scheduled at every waking hour of the day to cover the most cyber turf possible, we now need to embrace change and let Instagram’s new capabilities that recycle photos from 15 hours ago to reappear afresh for new visitors to the app work to our advantage. So amp up your feed with the best content and variety possible and rest easy knowing Instagram’s got your marketing back.

Don’t ‘turn me on’

When Insta HQ announced they were rolling out major changes, the cyber world was thrown into frenzy, with many users posting text-heavy reminders to their followers saying ‘turn me on’. Construed as a bizarre, click-bait request, brands were actually asking followers to turn on push notifications for accounts in fear their posts would vanish into thin air with the new algorithm. However, users that did opt in received a notification pushed to their phones every time a post from the account was uploaded, sparking the opposite result – users unfollowing, annoyed by the frequency and perceived neediness of accounts. So what do we suggest? Don’t beg for attention – instead of asking for engagement, post quality images with winning captions and watch your account flourish.

Think outside the box

Perhaps you’re a construction business and want to show off your equipment’s development from start to finish with a simple time-lapse video, like below. Or you’re an office supplier and want to show the versatility of your products, so you get a little creative with styling flatlays. Congrats – you are thinking outside of the 1080×1080 pixels box! Show the inner workings of your business to offer a fresh perspective – something that mightn’t be possible on another platform or on your site. We don’t have to mention how important using hashtags are for your brand exposure – and how having a good mix of common, trending and less common ones will help you in searches. Kick it up a further notch with a geo-tag to help customers locate your brick-and-mortar or find your website that much easier.



There we have it – navigating the new Instagram world is not so daunting anymore! No matter what your business, if you’re on Instagram you can improve your exposure with our hints above to get the most out of your fabulous content. What tips have we missed?

And if you need a social media strategy makeover, our marketing can help you today! Just call us on 1300 766 665!

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