How to use SEO to make Million Dollars

Anup Batra


I am passionate about SEO and just as passionate about generating millions of dollars through strategic online marketing. When a client comes to me and talks about getting a few more leads by improving his rankings, sure I can do that but it does not give me an adrenaline rush. I love working with ambitious entrepreneurs who like to do BIG things online. Like take on the big boys in their industry or find a niche and dominate it.

Over the past five years, I have been fortunate to work on some really exciting projects where my clients made it to the fastest growing businesses in Australia as a result of their dominance on search engine results. It gave me tremendous satisfaction when we got a small printer on st kilda road outrank the big boys in the printing industry. When I went to his shop after we got the rankings, he showed me a photograph in his shop when there were so many customers that there was not much space to stand.  He is now constructing a building to accommodate the demands of his business.

So how do we make million/s of dollars through SEO. Here are few tips :

  • Get your product and ordering systems ready and working. DO NOT embark on an SEO campaign till you have the delivery systems in place
  • Decide which areas of your industry you want to dominate/Own. This should be based on your inherent strengths. If you are good at quick turnaround times for example and not many others in your industry can do that, make that your selling point and cater to customers who will pay a premium for it.
  • Make your SEO Campaign extensive (combine high traffic keywords with long tailed keywords) to get quick wins combined with long term results
  • Find out which keywords are driving revenue (do this by running an adwords campaign and doing conversion tracking)
  • Use your CRM to see what geographic regions and demographics are most profitable for you and focus on them.

Done the right way, SEO can make you millions of dollars. Why aim for less?

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