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Anup Batra


Just as it is important to obtain top search engine rankings, it is also important to convert the traffic that you get into business goals like enquiries or sales. Here are 3 surefire ways to increase your conversion rate :

  1. Persuasive content : To engage your prospects and make them perform the desired action on your website, it is important to make the content persuasive. Use WIIFM( What is it for me) while writing the content of your website. Don’t talk about yourself in the introductory paragraph…Instead, talk about the top things in the mind of your prospect. Talk about their problems & needs and how your company has the solution for them. Use language which appeals to your prospect group, e.g, do they like easy, informal language or do they like serious, crisp business like language.
  2. Demonstrate Authenticity : Get testimonials from your customers. When they send you an email expressing happiness about the work or do so in person, ask them for a formal testimonial which includes the tangible benefits derived by engaging your company. Make the testimonials as specific as possible. This builds confidence in the minds of the prospects that they are not at risk when engaging your company. If you have any guarantees or warrantees, then put them upfront. If your company has got an award or recognition, highlight it. Make every statement or claim that you make veriable.
  3. Put useful resources on your website : A Bank can put tips on budgeting, tools on calculating EMI’s etc. A Telecom company can put savings on calls as compared to other providors etc. This will make customers come back to your website and build an association with it.
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