Improving Your Digital Marketing Success: Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line

Anup Batra


Here’s a little secret: Almost all digital communication is actually measurable marketing. And, if done correctly, it will fatten your business’ bottom line.

Just like old-school direct marketing, digital marketing thrives on data. It can be measured and tested, and you can learn something different from each campaign that you successfully complete, offering hope for improving results as you move forward onto your next marketing effort.


1. Establish Credibility

People are more sceptical today. They tend not to click on your banner ad, visit your landing page, open your email or read about your products or services via social media.

It is important to understand that.

Customer testimonials are a great way to establish your business credibility; but, better yet, be consistent in always approaching your messaging from the angle of what common problem most of your prospects have and how your product/service can fix.


2. Give your prospects a reason to act

Think about what it is that compels potential customers to click your ad after viewing it? You need to prompt the potential customer to take the desired action you are seeking, in a soft-sell kind of way.

If you can give them a reason to act, your campaigns will work better.

Keep in mind, as you determine how to get them to take your desired action that most people hate to be sold to. However, a lot of those same people love to buy. It’s all in how you position it. Think about the ads that you click and why you do so.


3. Think and write from the prospect’s point of view

It’s not about you, the advertiser or marketer; it is all about me the reader, your prospect. Use “you” in your copy and talk more about them and less about you. Lose the jargon and simplify things. People today crave simplicity, so keep your prose simple if you want to succeed.

Imagine sitting across from your prospect at their kitchen table and having a conversation with them. If you can write from that vantage point, you’ll be able to simply articulate the features and benefits of your product/service.


4. Your media mix is crucial

In todays’ digital world we have so many social media channels to choose from, and to say it can be overwhelming is an understatement.

Determining your optimal media mix is a key component in the outcome of your campaigns. As with direct marketing, start small and add one media option at a time so you can determine what is working and what is not.

Keep in mind that the media mix will likely vary by segment, and that’s a big benefit that digital offers over more traditional media.


5. Ask for the sale, or at least have a call to action

Do not be afraid to ask the prospect to take the next step. Click-throughs rarely matter; it’s the conversions that count.

If you do not have a call to action or you don’t ask for the sale, you are leaving money on the table. At the very least, get them to visit one of the landing pages you set up and ask them for the sale there.

The measurable marketing textbook says to ask for the sale and then ask again.

We can act faster than ever today thanks to digital. So test away, learn and grow.

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