What is Integrated Digital Marketing and why you need it

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What is Integrated Digital Marketing and why you need it
The marketing trend is evolving. As a result, traditional marketing just don’t have that much impact and effectiveness like it used to. An expenditure forecasts report for 2018 by Zenith Advertising states that In 2018 alone, internet advertising has an estimated reach of $8.69 billion and took up to 54% of the ad market which is more than 3% from the 51% data in 2017. This has led to an increase of possible advertising channels on the internet.

Digital Marketing vs. Integrated Digital Marketing
Gone are the days where the only internet advertising that matters is PPC. People only have one goal in mind – to get more clicks. It doesn’t  matter if those clicks are turning to conversions or not. Flashy and huge pop-ups were the greatest thing during that time. Now, the internet has evolved to just Pay-per-click as it continues to. A popular type of internet advertising these days is called Digital Marketing. It basically consists of elements of internet marketing like branding, responsive or user centered design, search engine optimization, google ads, analytics, social media and many more.

Now what’s the difference between Digital Marketing and Integrated Digital Marketing?
Simply put, Integrated Digital Marketing utilises all the elements from Digital Marketing and strategically unify different marketing activities to not only make the campaign’s message clear and precise but also explore the best mix of digital marketing medium to do so.  Instead of all channels used in isolation it will now be carefully planned and integrated to match the different stages of the user journey towards conversation – Awareness. Interest. Desire. Action.

Case Study: Arrow Digital’s work for The Packaging People
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy: Combining Rebranding, Social Media and SEO

The Packaging People deliver unique, innovative, and high-quality food packaging for coffee, tea, herbs, frozen food in bags, pouches, tins and cylinders.            

The Packaging People came to Arrow Digital restricted with just ‘Coffee Bags’.They wanted to double the revenue of their new company in 12 months, from $1 million in turnover to $2 million. They wanted to achieve this growth goal whilst rebranding.

Arrow Solution: delivered comprehensive search engine optimisation, Pay-per-click (AdWords), and Facebook campaigns tailored to the client.

  • Building a new website, creating a new logo, and rebranding our client from ‘Coffee Bags’ to ‘The Packaging
  • People’ to highlight their wider range of products.
  • Keeping the old website with good organic listing available to drive traffic to new site to minimise risk of losing business.
  • eDM with teaser campaigns to existing customer database that kept them excited during the entire process up until the unveiling of the new brand.
  • SEO campaign for the new site with a broad mix of keywords targeting high traffic general searches.
  • Google Paid Ad campaigns were initiated as we closely monitored campaign statistics to adapt to what customers found more engaging.
  • Use of Display Ads and remarketing to build brand recognition also helped lift the brand perception and profile.
  • Boosting The Packaging People’s social media by creating a remarketing campaign while constantly creating new messages for the audience.
  • Using Facebook Prospecting to reach new customers while split testing different ad copies.

    Arrow Results
    Our client has more than quadrupled their revenue in the last 15 months, from $1 million in turnover to approximately $5 million – surpassing the original goal of reaching $2 million in revenue. Some of our other notable achievements include:


 – Achieved page 1 Google ranking for 24 major keywords, including very high competition phrases.
 – In 15 months we brought in close to 70,000 new B2B customers to our client’s website with an average session duration of 3 minutes, visiting 3.84 pages per session.
 – Facebook advertising campaigns saw a 44% increase in website sales after just two months of monitoring and testing posts.
– AdWords Campaign saw an increase in goal conversion rate in comparison to the same time the previous year.
– An increase of close to 20,000 in overall traffic when comparing one quarter to a pre-optimisation quarter the previous year.




Highlights of Integrated Digital Marketing
Customer Interaction plays a major role in Integrated Digital Marketing. User experience has become personal over the recent years as advertisers are now using data received from different social media sites and search engine. Opportunities to interact with audiences from any location has been possible through location targeting. Chat function has also evolved from just answering queries but to personalise brand messages to their target market. The timeliness and real-time experience enabled by social media had consumers form a personal bond with the brand.

Thanks to the continuous evolution of the internet, Integrated Digital Marketing enabled us to reach our business goals better. It’s not just about having a matching design of visuals, website or social media. It is now crucial to build a strong brand-consumer relationship or audiences that we can communicate with effectively through the different digital marketing channels. Now that you’ve got your bases covered – Arrow Digital can help you start your Integrated Digital Marketing journey.


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