Is SEO akin to bricklaying?

Anup Batra


Yesterday, I read a press-release by Jill Whalen, a leading SEO consultant in the US in which she said that these days with the large number of SEO companies proliferating, SEO has become akin to bricklaying 🙂

She went on to say that in a slow economy, there is some work to be found for people so a lot of bricklaying projects are started and her analogy was that those who have nothing else to do enter the field of SEO…Glorified Whitecollar bricklayers.

Well, my response to this is that if Jill is talking about low quality, snake oil SEO, then her statements are not far off from reality.

But quality seo needs analytical skills, insight and business logic. SEO that makes a BIG difference to business results needs smart, out of the box thinking. And yes, strategy has to be backed by robust processes to deliver results each time, everytime.

So what are the bricklaying seo’s doing : Creating heaps of links from websites using link exchange. Changing title tags and descriptions and adding lots of footer links.

& What are the SEO Experts doing :

Working on Accessibility, Usability, Content, Context and Usage Metrics. They do strategic link building in a way that 50 links created by their efforts carry more weight than 2000 Links created in a spammy way. They create a better page rank, higher rankings and a user engagement which yields a high ROI for seo.

$ for $, the bricklaying SEO will be cheaper, but value for $, the SEO expert will get a MUCH higher ROI

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