Is your website working hard for you?

Anup Batra


Business owners hate lazy staff. They often recognise and promote the hard working staff and get rid of lazy people. Some of them turn their lazy staff into hard working people who then become assets for the business.

What is surprising is that many successful business owners allow their website to be lazy i.e not generate enough leads and sales.  I often meet moderately successful enterpreneurs who have not cared to update their website for the past 3, 5 or even 6 years.  If you look at their website, they are talking about themselves, their company etc and the website is akin to a brochure. When they talk to me about search engine optimisation, I ask them how many leads/sales do they get from the website. Many of them get none or very few leads on an yearly basis. One such business owner confessed to me that his business had slowed down over the last two years. Well, what else do you expect?

If your website is not generating enough leads or sales, it is important that you check for the following points :

  • Is it addressing the customer in terms of their needs and desires?
  • Is it giving clear, compelling reasons to the customer to buy from you?
  • Is it encouraging the customer to take an easy first step in the buying cycle?

Make your website work harder…and smarter, and grow your business faster.




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