Keep them coming back!

Anup Batra


  • Catchy Name-Catchy Identity :  Your website name, logo, tagline and appearance should be distinct and leave a lasting impression in the mind of the visitor.
  • Keep your website fresh and alive.  Have some tips, news and offers which keep changing continuously.
  • Find out which are the  websites, blogs, forums and social media sites popular with your visitors and make your presence felt in these. You can contribute on blogs as a guest writer and participate in forum discussions
  • Let people know what is coming and build up excitement about it. You can do this by announcing your next blog post, a competiton or an upcoming offer to lookout for.
  • Conduct surveys of your website visitors (both online and offline) and act on suggestions. Once people feel they have a voice on the website, they will come back more often
  • Get Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done for multiple keywords so that people find you more often, whatever stage of the buying cycle they are on.

Come back next week for our post on how to create a sales funnel on your website which will multiply your conversion rate!

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