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  1. Create short but quality content
    Having a clear and concise copy lets your audience spend more time paying attention to your key message. Your content should be short and direct to the point. Avoid clickbait phrasing and make sure all your posts have quality content. Remember: Quality still beats quantity with facebook algorithm. If you must post a lengthy copy – you can always have an option to add links to your full post like a blog page from your website. Just remember to think about how you can save your audience’s time, while providing valuable content. Another tip is to add emojis to your posts. Examples are “-celebrating (insert company achievement/event)”. in an experiment by AdEspresso, the Facebook marketing partner found that ads with emojis performed better than ads without emojis. Last but not the least – Include a Call to Action in Your Post to drive engagement.

  2. Use Compelling visuals
    Adding a variety of media formats to Facebook posts increases customer engagement. Rather than just sticking with images, try mixing things up with video content, blog links, GIFs, or other rich media assets relevant to your organization. Create new social assets to use instead of preview images. Lastly if you want to use video, remember to be strategic and keep in mind the length of your video plays an important role. It is recommended to post videos that are under a minute.
  3. Carefully plan your post settings 
    If you are planning to boost your ads (Facebook paid advertising) remember to always target your posts. If you are targeting a country, language or audience then make the post relevant and specific for them. It’s important that you post at a time when your followers are online and your competition is low. If you want to know the best times to post on Facebook, consult your page’s Audience Insights. Likewise, If you don’t want to use Audience Insights, you can also create a poll that asks followers which times of the day they are most often browsing on Facebook.
  4. Keep in mind Facebook’s algorithm
    Make sure to research and take facebook’s algorithm into consideration. Facebook announced that it would be prioritising posts that create meaningful conversations. It’s important to distinguish between “active” and “passive” interactions. Active interactions such as sharing, commenting, and reacting will hold much more weight than “passive” interactions such as clicking, viewing, or hovering. Publishing that image post to Facebook is just the start. Engage with your audience with comments and even questions.

Social media has definitely changed how we connect, interact and reach new customers and maintain relationships with existing clients. A strong social media strategy is imperative for a business to successfully reach its target audience. How you manage your page, establish the voice and interact with your audience can easily make or break your brand. Let us help you reach your goals. We have handled more than 1000 clients’ social media account the past 10 years. Give us a call on 1300 766 665 or e-mail us on [email protected] to connect with our experienced social media strategist team.

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