Learn to Optimise Videos for Search Engines

Anup Batra


Your website has a lot of videos, but they don’t really show up in search engine results? Well, the problem lies in your search engine optimisation efforts. Yes, videos too, like web pages, need to be optimised in order to enhance their performance on search engines. Listed here are a few simple tips that can be applied to your videos to make them easily searchable.

  • Video files should have good metadata like titles, dates, authors, descriptions and keywords.
  • Try and include your important keywords in the filename. Also, the word ‘video’ should be a part of the name.
  • Offer the video in multiple formats, such as mov, mpeg, mp4, flv, etc.
  • Try to include contextually related links to articles and videos on the web.
  • Incorporate additional content in the form of captions or abstracts. This content needs to be relevant and keyword-rich.
  • Use unique URL naming in order to attract search engine crawlers. Also, use only one video for one URL.
  • When you put up the video on your site, use embedded players instead of pop-ups or links to other files.
  • On the root of your website’s folder structure, create a central directory called ‘videos’ and place all your video files in that one folder.
  • Enable users to post comments on your videos. It will enhance the interactive element and also boost interlinking.
  • Include social bookmarking tools so that people can add your videos and boost their popularity on the web.
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