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Rebranded Web Development

With an overhaul to Sailing Shack’s website, including targeted video marketing on their home page, our client has seen a tremendous shift on online traffic and enquiries.

Enquiries: 150% increase in leads in one year

JDN Monocrane’s sleek, overhauled website has successfully positioned themselves as the thought leader of their industry, with an exceptional 150% increase in enquiries over the past year.

Sales up 60% in 6 months

An unrelenting Arrow branding campaign enabled Drive My Car to see their sales figures soar a further 60% in just 6 months of execution.

70% increase in leads in 6 months

Integrity Car Sales & Rentals has witnessed a whopping 70% increase in page 1 keywords results on Google Search thanks to Arrow in just 6 months.

75% increase in target keywords

Hunts Marine have seen a phenomenal 75% increase in targeted keyword results on Google’s search engine results pages in seven months.

75% in 6 months

Top Start were delighted to reap the rewards of a 75% increase in page 1 results on GOOGLE for their targeted keywords in just 6 months of partnering with Arrow.

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Whatever you sell, Arrow can help you land those crucial sales without bowing out to competition and coming up short. As experts in digital marketing across website design, mobile app optimisation, Google search results, eye catching advertising copy, social media and more, Arrow are a 20-strong team passionate about the automotive industry and dedicated to helping you reframe your business and regain market share. So why do we do it?

The Problem:

We noticed a need in the car sales industry, for instance, where dealers were relying heavily on third party websites and apps to bring in sales for them. The commodotisation of a collective of same and similar products had drawn the market price right down, leaving little margins in cost price for dealers. While the consumer love the price war resulting in the best price winning, car dealers are losing profitability

There was no point of difference between product lines, no branding opportunities, no way for one particular business owner to establish themselves as the best choice when the only factor was price. No one dealer was able to showcase other features of their business on third party platforms that levelled the playing field. It was a madhouse the consumers were walking away gleefully from, while the sellers were left defeated.

Do you have a website that generates leads for you or are you simply relying on third party websites?

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3rd Party Dependence

Dealers are currently forced to list their product lines under the constraints of third party listings websites.

Commoditized Products

With no point of differentiation between products, business owners’ products are characterised by the standards offered of their competitors.

Price Competition

With ample competition on same or similar products, the determining factor for buyers would be price over branding, history or quality.

Lack of Branding Opportunities

So many market competitors standardising their products in the one platform, differentiation between brands on third party sites is almost impossible.

Franchise Dealers

Minimum 20% increase in Leads

  • Website enhancements *10hrs
  • Google Optimisation (SEO - 10 Keywords)
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Facebook Ads Campaign Management


Best suited for groups with more than 10 franchisees

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website enhancements *20hrs
  • Google Optimisation (SEO - 20 Keywords)
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Facebook Ads Campaign Management
  • LinkedIn Management


Mutually agreed KPIs / Goals - Weekly Reporting & Dedicated Account Manager

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Google Optimisation (SEO - 30 Keywords)
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Facebook Ads Campaign Management
  • LinkedIn Management

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The Solution:

The Automotive and Lifestyle, Leisure & Industry market is chock full of competition and establishing a strong web presence is the solution to growing your sales figures.

Stop being a slave to third party websites with a digital presence through a business website that stands on its own, increasing the number of eyeballs and enquiries on your product lines, and shaping a stronger sense of your business branding to the consumer.

An independent web presence gives your business that edge from the competition when you are competing on commoditised products. It also facilitates the responsiveness of enquiries made to you, the dealer, instead of having to wait for a third party to alert you about the enquiry. A dedicated business website helps your audience form that first impression of your business - so why make it look or sound like anybody else?

Stand out from the crowd with Arrow’s solution:

  • Stop relying on third party websites for enquiries
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Strengthen your branding, tone and message
  • Respond faster to your target customers
  • Have greater control over your business outcomes

An Arrow branding overhaul is custom made, meaning we develop a solution to your business objectives in response to your industry needs - not some generic business bundle. We assess the type and size of your business, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Just look at Hunts Marine, who are dominating keyword search results on Google for the ‘Quintrex’ boat line in Australia.

All of our solutions come with complete support from our expert friendly Client Service team. Browse our range of dealer products and services below, or Contact Us to find a solution to your needs.

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Meet Ravinder Singh. He’s the Leisure, Lifestyle, Automotive & Industry expert. He knows first hand from his appointment as Business Development Manager at how developing innovating solutions in reaction to digital change is instrumental to remaining successful in a tough market. With his keen eye for data, competitor analysis and knowledge of the industry, he was able to successfully sign up over 850 new dealers across cars, bikes, boats, industry, caravans and trucks over a period of 5 years. His secret? Tailor made web presence and marketing solutions to engage and maintain business relations with the public.

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