Link Building is Passé; Relationship Building is Hot Now

Anup Batra


Building relationships has become the biggest prerequisite of today’s SEO campaigns. Through various means of Social Media Marketing, optimisers are helping online businesses get targeted, relevant links for clients’ websites.

Most search engines attached tremendous amount of importance to your incoming links. Google, for example, renders incredible value to the quality of link coming to your site. If it happens to be from an influential web source, your credibility is automatically established. It is therefore essential that you get users of the Diggs, Facebooks, Twitters, and LinkedIns of the world directed to your web pages. But how do you do it?  

First and foremost, it is very crucial to know who you are targeting. The audience of a Digg is completely different from that of a forum or blog. You have to have a clear-cut strategy of writing crispy articles and working towards getting them ‘Dugg’.

Build your relationships by being up-to-date with your industry and the people associated with it. Cater to authoritative sites and share knowledge with users that use those sites.

And, the one thing you should not forget is, a powerful relationship is worth a lot more than just one link. Do not pursue people to get links out of them; you will end up earning a bad reputation that could be damaging to your business. Try and build long-term liaisons that can be mutually beneficial.

Relationship building through social media is a slow process. Do not expect instant results out of it. Create content that is fresh and non-plagiarised. Link it up well by aggregating it at the right places. Use your online relationships to get mileage out of the content that you have created. It’s not a difficult destination to reach… you just need to be confident of the path you are treading.

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