Making Facebook work for you

Anup Batra


So, you set up a Facebook business page and you wonder why nothing much happens, how you’re ever going to get loads of fans and whether any of this is worth it.  Don’t give up so easily!  Firstly, remember that Facebook is about social networking… well, have you been networking?  Online networking is just like networking in person (minus the champagne and volo vents – and you don’t have to go anywhere!)  Here are a few simple tips to help things run better:

  • Change your settings to show everyone’s comments on your wall, not just yours.  The purpose of Facebook is to interact, not to talk at people!
  • Make posts that are really useful for people, you’ll get a better idea of what people want to hear about as people will comment and ‘Like’ your posts, if you don’t get comments and ‘Likes’ try something new!
  • Variation keeps posts fresh so combine business related posts, funnies, industry related news, videos, photos (depending on what is relevant).
  • Let your current client database know you’re on Facebook – it’s a great way to keep in touch with clients past and present.   You can build relationships, get feedback and get a great idea of where to improve your business.  You can send them an invite through Facebook or email them a link to your page.
  • Post regularly, daily is possible – at the very least a few times a week.  You need to keep people interested.

Facebook isn’t about selling (although that can be a direct result) it’s about communication, relationship building, creating awareness and building your brand.  The closer you are to your market the better you can adapt to changes in your industry.

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