Measuring Success in Social Media

Anup Batra


Before you embark on a social media campaign its worth doing an analytics report so you have a baseline before social media, that way you have something to compare to.  If you have already started a campaign, don’t worry, there is a whole host of free tools that can help you keep track your success.  A few of these are:

Google Alerts

Google Alerts help you keep track of when your company or brand is mentioned, Google will keep you up to date with an email


HowSocialble allows you to see how much visibility your company had over 32 metrics including Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, events and images.


SocialMention is a quick and easy to use free tool where you can search for where your company name or brand has been mentioned.


AddictOMatic enables users to create a customised dashboard, which gives information about issues and news in your industry so you can track conversations across a braid range of sites from Twitter to Delicious

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