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Featured on Lifestyle food channel with $66k worth of free TV advertising

Monthly competition of 400-500 entries

Food Retailer increases wins increases 20% sales on Supermarket Shelves


Mountain Bread is a long-standing Australian business that specialises in the production of a traditional flatbread famous for its health benefits. Their range is available for purchase via their online store and is stocked by all major supermarket retailers in Australia, with the company expanding to international markets such as the USA, UK and Asia in 1999.


Mountain Bread enlisted Arrow’s services at the end of 2014 as they had been experiencing growth due to store sales but felt they needed a better digital media presence to increase their online sales and brand awareness. Mountain Bread needed to find a foothold in the market and creatively and innovatively cement their branding using an array of digital platforms.
We didn’t quite know what to expect when we started social media with Arrow, but to go from zero followers to a four digit figure in such a short space of time, was a wonderful surprise. Arrow gave our brand new life online and earned us a new lead generation source. So pleased with the results, they clearly know social media inside and out!
Michael, Mountain Bread


Arrow recognised the need for Mountain Bread to create a footprint in the social media space and harness the power of the online community, so launched brand new Facebook & Pinterest accounts and built them from the ground up. With the aim of growing brand awareness and increasing online as well as supermarket sales, we identified Mountain Bread’s relevant audience and crafted effective messaging and hashtags themed on healthy living and recipes, to encourage active engagement and foster a brand relationship. Arrow also achieved engagement through the setup of exciting competitions and giveaways, and by leveraging existing media exposure from high authority sites featuring Mountain Bread recipes, initiated cross-platform promotion.


Mountain Bread’s foray into social media generated a highly positive user response, supplying the brand with a digital voice that has led to growth in direct sales and brand opportunities. Campaign milestones include: Share-worthy and user-generated content that culminated in 12,000 Facebook followers plus a very active Pinterest community. A monthly competition that featured celebrity fitness guru Michelle Bridges; which received an average 400-500 entries per month with attached contact details, allowing for further emailing marketing opportunities. Featured on Lifestyle food channel with $66k worth of free TV advertising along with increased brand endorsement and social media mentions.
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