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Jasmine Batra


Good news, business owners. Now it’s never been easier to get creative with your posts on your Facebook account and get people talking about you! In today’s post, we show you there’s more to Facebook advertising than a text post. In this blog, we cover the new options available on your Facebook page that will really engage and excite your target audience. Read on for our breakdown of your new options…


  1. Share a Photo or Video

With multimedia, you are only limited to your imagination! Publish still photos, a photo album, slideshow, carousel or canvas, pre-recorded videos or live video content to showcase behind-the-scenes action and help humanise your brand with potential customers.


  1. Get Bookings

The ‘Book Now’ button may very well be your new best friend on Facebook! By selecting the ‘create a call-to-action’ option where your cover photo appears, you can inject this awesome button directly onto your page for a simple way to attract convenient bookings. Insert the URL for your customers to directly book a table, buy tickets, or whatever your business offers.


  1. Advertise your Business

If you haven’t realised it now, boosting your posts and running Facebook ads is the ultimate way to increase your reach with posts and get people clicking through on your posts, offers, events and website.  Plus, it’s super easy to track those click throughs to monitor the success of your campaigns. You can also promote your call to action buttons, like the ‘Call Now’ button or ‘Like’ button, all easily monitored for success rate.


  1. Get Phone Calls

Similar to the ‘Get Bookings’ option, Facebook allows pages to offer a convenient ‘Call Now’ option where a direct number to contact the business pops up on the user’s mobile device.


  1. Get Messages

Prefer to receive messages directly on your Facebook page? Display a ‘Message’ button just below your cover photo. The beauty about this convenient feature is you can display it next to a ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Call Now’ button as well, and it can be used along with posts to boost this option.


  1. Help People Find your Business

The map integration is a fantastic feature for customers to get a sense of where your business is located, and to conveniently find directions to your physical address.  Add the ‘Get Directions’ button to your posts, too.


  1. Create an Event

Sync up your Facebook page with events directly through Facebook. Provide the event link to your audience so they can see who is interested in your showcases, your sales and everything in between without leaving the page. You can even set up a direct URL for visitors to purchase tickets.


  1. Create an Offer

Create a sense of exclusivity with a Facebook only offer – like a coupon or percentage off – that your audience can redeem straight from Facebook on their desktop or mobile device. This rewards your customers and encourages them to come back for offers they might miss elsewhere if they’re not seeking you out on Facebook.


  1. Write a Note

Show your customers you care with a Facebook note just for them. Make it official with a title and photo and pin the post up the top of the page so they can reach it quickly for fast reference.


There we have it – our breakdown of the newest features to hit Facebook pages. How are you going to embrace them and make 2017 your best Facebook year yet?

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