New Google Algorithm

Anup Batra


According to Google, SEO is positive and constructive. The rules are made in line with Google’s Goal of showing those sites on top which provide the best user experience. Originally, Google’s method of determining this was to look for relevant keywords in content, and look at the popularity of a website, by way of links pointing to it.

The problem that Google has been facing is that it creates a system (a certain set of rules), which are used in the right way by some website owners and seo companies, but other’s misuse it by :

  • Stuffing keywords into content whether they are in the logical flow or not
  • Scraping content from other sites to add content to it’s own
  • Creating links from irrelevant and non contextual places to create a ‘false impression’ that the site is popular

The new Google algorithm is not against keyword research or use of keywords to rank highly. Infact, it encourages it. It is not against natural link building. Google itself encourages website owners and seo companies to create a buzz about it’s brands on blogs, forums and social media websites and getting endorsements by influential bloggers.

Companies which come out as winners in the new regime will focus on generating high quality content and making their presence felt in a meaningful, engaging way in the blogosphere and social media.

Just one more thing, if your website has been affected by the latest changes in Google algorithm, don’t be worried. Often, these drops are only temporary and get reversed once you get reindexed. This can happen if there was a bug in the new algorithm. After all, even Google is not perfect and does make mistakes. The good thing is that when they make a mistake, they correct it quickly.

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