Newsletter Marketing is a highly effective low cost customer acquisition and relations management tool. It enables you to reach out to prospective customers, and maintain relationships with existing customers giving you the dual advantage of new sales and getting repeat purchases. This SEO technique accelerates the search engine optimisation process. Newsletter Marketing gives your business an ongoing exposure and gives your brand higher recall value. Based on the principles of permission based marketing, this non-intrusive medium is being successfully used, both in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) scenarios. If you are in retail or in service industry, incorporating newsletter as part of your marketing strategy will increase your credibility as an expert in the field. It is also a great way to ‘test’ new marketing promotions at very low cost before deploying traditional forms of marketing. Some of the other benefits include:

Customer Privacy

In times when customers value privacy, using opt-in lists is highly effective and builds trust.

Increase customer contacts

The more contacts you make with your customer, the more likely it is that they come to you for repeat business rather than going to a competitor.

Boost sales

Providing customers with targeted campaigns like new product launch, pre-sale offers etc, will increase sales from existing clients and also generate sales leads.

Reduced Time to Market

In current day and age, it is all about being quick. With Email marketing you can reach out to thousands of customers in a matter of minutes. Companies like Borders,, virgin blue etc successfully deploy newsletter marketing to achieve positive customer relationship.

We provide the following services:

(a) Design-Colours, graphics, look and feel, layout and company branding are included in the email newsletter design. Price $ 250 onwards.

(b) Deliver-from our secured email server, we add content as provided, personalize and safely deliver one copy to each of your subscribing customers. Price 5 cents per customer.

(c) Measure – provide statistical reporting to tracked and your email newsletter success. Report statistics will include things like number of new subscribing customers, messages sent, emails opened and more. FREE

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