Online Marketing Trends 2012

Anup Batra


Engagement will be the Mantra for online marketers in 2012

No business can afford to undermine the growing importance of online marketing as a strong tool for increasing one’s market presence. Those businesses who make the most of the online marketing opportunities are the ones that can look forward to success in the year 2012.

The online marketer of today needs to have the ability to harness and utilise the ever changing trends of the online marketing world. As the number of internet users continue to increase, engaging the user will be of key importance for every online marketer. Targeted Search and Social media marketing will play a key role when it comes or engaging the consumer. It has been interesting to see how some of our clients have leveraged the traffic we created for them to create online communities around their websites. In turn, we have been able to harness these communities to further strengthen their position on search.

The online marketing wizards of 2012 will be able to tap into the power unleashed by a tactful synchronisation of all marketing mediums and tools from social media, SEO to mobile technology for user engagement. Online marketers will be required to use their analytical skills to create a synchrony around these mediums to generate brand value.

Finally it  comes down to providing value to the customers. Those who have the ability to use the many available online platforms to provide value to the customer will find success in 2012.

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