Optimise your Tweets for Google Indexing

Anup Batra


Twitter, the latest fad in social media marketing, is being pursued by search engine optimisers like never before. And, why not? Search engine giant Google is now giving importance to Tweets like never before.

Each of your Tweets or status updates can now be optimised for indexing in Google search results. It is time to enhance the relevance of text and links coming from Twitter to your web property. The status updates we make are basically static pages that will not disappear from the Internet space any time soon. And, am sure, all of us can swear by Twitter’s longevity in our social circles.

The fact that Twitter has recently changed Page Title formats happens to be the icing on the cake. Each status update page now contains Twitter/Username as well as the first 35 characters or so of that particular Tweet. Consequently, the first few words of your Tweet are placed in the title of that updates page.

Each of these pages is considered as a separate web page by Google. It may not index every Tweet, but it will be paying close attention to your profile. By using the right keywords at the right places, you can score in relevance. Place your keyword phrase in the first part of the tweet, and on the page, have a link pointing to whichever content you deem fit.

Tweets are a great way of building backlinks naturally. Google is allowing you to use this potent social media tool to get organic rankings and divert traffic to your main website. And the best part is, even if it does not result in backlinks, the amount of Tweets you post about your site or brand will not hurt your search engine optimisation campaign in any way.

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