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Company Overview

Kidspot Australia is about simplifying the parenting journey from pregnancy to toddlers. Launched in 2005, kidspot started as a directory for maternity, baby, and kid related products. Now boasting the most comprehensive directory for parents in Australia, it is where mums go. It has a very strong community for mums to share stories, issues, joys and connect in a moderated, private forum.

The Brief

Increase the brand awareness with the goal of making kidspot Australia’s most comprehensive parenting directory and increase rankings by selecting appropriate and strategic keywords, targeting the right traffic.

The Approach

We decided to increase organic traffic by targeting a wide range of keywords given that this would be the most cost effective way of attracting an ongoing large amount of visitors every month.

The Solution

We implemented site wide search engine optimisation across 50 search terms (initially). The goal was to increase the quality and volume of leads while still maintaining the cost of acquisition. We also targeted geographically and demographically to further refine the quality of leads.

The client then reinvested into new keywords the from initial SEO campaign outcomes to further broaden the reach.

The Results

Arrow Internet was engaged initially on a six months project in 2009 and has then continued to work in collaboration with the in-house team of kidspot until Katy May sold the business for 45 million dollars in 2011.

Working on various sections of the site, we finally achieved to get kidspot on page 1 for over 2000 key-phrases. In two years Arrow Internet achieved to grow the organic search visitors enormously; in the year of 2010 there were 4,844,628 visitors as opposed to just over 3,000,000 in 2009. That’s nearly 2,000,000 more visits!

Organic rankings are crucial for our business. While there are many so called SEO gurus, (and we have tried many of them) the team at Arrow Internet has high-level of expertise and the tenacity to deliver.
Katie May, CEO Kidspot

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