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Drainage Manufacturer’s Google Exposure and Enquiries Soar Within 3 Months


Aco Group is a multinational company and leading manufacturer of drainage systems for commercial businesses across the globe. Housing a multifaceted service and distribution chain, their drainage solutions are reflected in a number of micro-sites that tie together their complete product offering. Aco Group enlisted Arrow’s services to bring more qualified traffic to their main and individual sites towards more leads and a better conversion rate. They also sought guidance on creating and distributing influential content that appealed to their core audience and making their product more accessible to online users.


Arrow developed a comprehensive 40-keyword search engine optimisation campaign and content strategy for ACO Australia. We understood the need to grow traffic whilst improving the user journey and ensuring the best chance of turning newfound visitors into customers. At the core of this goal was the creation of value-laden content to instil trust and keep Aco top-of-mind. Furthermore, we had to satisfy different market segments simultaneously; with higher-level content to appease seasoned industry professionals and lower-level information to assist less experienced customers. We followed a quarterly content schedule that was applied across their micro sites, and spread content through external sites which had high indexation by Google. Arrow also began collaborating on blog posts to further increase user engagement and brand exposure.


As a result of these combined efforts in improving Aco’s brand authority and sales funnel to capitalise fully on new traffic, Aco Group observed a significant impact on their sales and enquiry rate. Our SEO campaign witnessed 53% of keywords on the first page of Google within merely 3 months of the campaign. In fact, Aco now enjoys a 95% visibility on Google for their key product lines. Comparing Aco’s previous website traffic to data following Arrow’s engagement, demonstrated over a 20% increase in pages per session, with accompanying increases in session duration and a decrease in bounce rate by approximately 10%; meaning people were now spending more time on the site. The percentage of return visitors was also seen to increase, supporting the positive impact on audience engagement levels and brand relevancy.