Predicting SEO Trends for Google Glass

Jasmine Batra


Google Glass as worn by Sergey Brin


If you’ve ever watched movies like Minority Report, Terminator 2, Iron Man or Robocop then you’ve certainly seen the main characters interacting with the world through ‘wearable computer glasses’ or ‘heads-up displays’ built into the helmet.

A couple of years ago it was still pretty hard to imagine that such a technology would be available for mass distribution in only a few years. But here we are in March 2013…anticipating the release of the absolutely innovative Google Glass by the end of this year.

Pretty soon you’ll see tech savvy consumers strolling down the street with this amazing device whilst looking at the world from a totally fresh perspective, and sooner or later it will become a staple in our daily lives like  how the smartphone is today. If you can recall, the world was introduced to the iPhone only a few years ago but it has tremendously changed the way we search for information and communicate with each other.

The iPhone was the face of the smartphone revolution and it forced marketers to adapt and change their online marketing strategies to reach their audience. Google Glass is poised to be next big mass produced consumer technology that will once again change the online marketing landscape. It is only a matter of time before it will change the face of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well.

Imagine this, you’re walking down the street with a pair of Google Glass and with just a quick glance at a restaurant, you can get all the information you need to know. Reviews, ratings, menus, pricing, images, location, opening hours, live booking…everything! As a business owner this means that you’ll have to capture your audience’s attention as quickly as you can, and include SEO into your online marketing strategy so that they can easily access information about your business.

Perhaps geo-tagging will also be a very important aspect of your future online marketing strategy. Seeing as how Google Glass will be worn by real people who will be moving around, it is possible that the GPS function on Google Glass will allow people to find businesses around the local area with just a simple voice command.

Just like how marketers started optimising for mobile, we’ll soon have to start optimising for Google Glass with ‘glass’ friendly content so that all our business information is easily accessible in real time. Not only that, your social media marketing strategies will also need to be improved and all your social media accounts will also have to be optimised with engaging content and relevant information so that your business can easily be found!

It also seems like Google will be plugging information about your business through the Google+ network. So, it is advisable that you set-up/update your G+ business account with all the latest content about your business. Also, since Google Glass will be a live, interactive device that runs as we go, you should generate company profiles and optimise your Google Places page. Imagine being the only business on the block without any ‘live’ information when viewed through Google Glass… it is pretty hard to convince someone to go into your store if they don’t know what you’re about.

Well, these are only the few predictions we’ve got for SEO on Google Glass but we should all prepare and plan ahead before the official release of this ingenious product. The Google Glass concept is definitely here to stay and all we need is one popular celebrity like Kanye West to kick-start the trend, and everyone else will own one sooner or later.

So, let’s take the necessary steps towards optimising your website, Google place page and social media accounts today for Google Glass, and create a sustainable well of gold for your business in the future!

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