Consumer behavior is becoming more and more difficult to predict. The dilemma many marketers and business owners face is: how do you build credibility?

How do you convince people that you’re offering value, quality and peace of mind with your product or service? Everyone knows that the information published on the internet is not always accurate. Simply publishing information on your web site or other sites may not be enough to convince some consumers of your integrity.

Also, it is not always easy to control the information that is published about you online. Often, not all of what is written is in favour of the company or the brand, or even the product. The available information is often uncontrollable, from illegitimate sources, or even from biased sources. Worse still, these opinions can be valued by consumers as a third-party and neutral source of information.

Online press releases are the answer to such a dilemma. Traditionally, press releases are short and highly informative written pieces released into mainstream mediums by companies and public relations specialists hoping to influence their consumer base in a certain way, or to release important information in times of crisis. They are extremely effective in changing attitudes as they are not viewed as persuasion gimmicks and have more credibility due to their serious nature and consumer perceptions of unbiased information sources.

For some, it is a more prudent means of fighting fire with fire. In the case of two competing articles, a sincere, well-written press release is generally viewed more favorably than an offhand, crassly written feedback comment or two.

Press releases have been used by many a marketer to build credibility through traditional mediums and now online press releases are being used for similar purposes. Having your online press releases published in popular portals and industry specific online magazines is truly one of the quickest and simplest ways of gaining, regaining, maintaining or improving ones credibility. The online environment is slightly different to the environment of traditional mediums due to the competing nature of so much information and information sources, it requires some level of online marketing expertise to ensure your press release has the desired effect.

This internet marketing method works well when used in conjunction with SEO services.

Online press releases can also work to improve your search engine rankings by creating back-links from respected authority sources. Contact Arrow Digital today to find out how you can improve your ranking and credibility through online press releases.

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