Professional Advantage

Sales increased within three months


Professional Advantage is a leading software services and solutions provider. Established in 1989, they are known for providing ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence Solutions to financial services companies.


We were approached by the Marketing Director of the company with the goal of increasing the number of qualified sales leads. The website was getting a high amount of organic and paid traffic but the conversion to qualified leads was extremely low.


We analysed the paid campaigns on Google and found that the campaign was using generic keywords and the ad copy did not bring out the distinctive value proposition of the company. Moreover the ad extensions were not being used effectively. The forms on the landing pages did not have enough fields to qualify the decision makers. We also analysed the user journey on the website and found that people were confused by the double layer of navigation. Moreover, the content on the website was text heavy and the heat maps revealed that people were not reading it. Based on this, we optimised the paid campaigns and improved the website for higher conversions.


The company’s sales increased within three months of our taking on the campaign and they hired extra sales people to cope with the demand. Following this the company engaged us in a content marketing campaign to engage the leads being generated and nurture them for increased conversions. The campaign was extremely successful and the articles written by the Arrow Digital team were published in premier industry publications resulting in increased brand exposure and sales.
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