Some of the programmes which Arrow is proud to sponsor

Having worked across Proptech, Fintech, Medtech & Digital Marketplaces Jasmine helps startups from strategy through to implementation with a focus on driving end results and leveraging networks & connections along the way for strategic alliances & capital raising.

Incubator Program

An incubator program that paves the way to a slice of the Indian market for Australian migrant entrepreneurs ready to expand globally. A joint initiative between Arrow Digital – and La Trobe University and backed by AusIndustry, Jasmine is bringing together key partners e.g. public and private sector organisations and players in the start-up ecosystem for facilitated tours, round tables, and one-on-one meetings for commercialisation in the Indian Market. Expression of interest for the Big LEAP Program can be sent to [email protected].

Build, Grow, Exit.

Jasmine is a dedicated professional with a strong passion for helping tech startups achieve their goals. Her expertise lies in developing go-to-market strategies that drive rapid growth and set you up for long-term success. Whether you need assistance with securing your next round of funding or establishing strategic partnerships, Jasmine can provide the guidance and support you need to make it big on the global stage. With her proven track record of success, she’s the ideal partner for startups looking to scale quickly and sustainably.


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