Protect Your Business from Online Threats by Securing Your Website

Jasmine Batra


Recently the number of instances of website hacking and spam have been on the rise. Now more than ever, business owners aren’t just worrying about keeping up with customer needs and enquiries – they’re adding online security and safety to the list to ensure that site visitors aren’t being hacked for the personal details, like passwords and credit card numbers.

When it comes to building customer trust and loyalty, you’d think that having a great website would be enough to worry about. With the prominence of online criminals wanting to access your data, protecting your site, your details and your customers against predators should be of top priority. By securing your site with an HTTPS security encryption, you can look out for the cyber safety of your browsers. HTTPS protects your website users’ data using Transport Layer Security (TLS) – encrypting, authenticating and securing the integrity of their data, like their personal information and banking details. Browsers look for sites that show HTTPS security – especially when they’re looking to enter their personal details online. Here’s what the HTTPS green address bar looks like on different browsers:


Graphic via GoldHat.

The benefits of using the HTTPS security protocol are:


HTTPS tells the end user that the content delivered is from the source and it hasn’t been tampered with in any way. It is just as important to ensure that you are using Certified Authenticators for obtaining your SSL certificate.


The webpages you’re viewing and what you’re doing aren’t visible to anyone sniffing network traffic as it’s fully encrypted via HTTPS. Ecommerce sites, particularly those that require online credit card payment forms to be filled out, ask for sensitive data from online shoppers. Any data not encrypted is insecure without HTTPS encryption.


Protection is important when it comes to handling money transfers like with online banking or for e-commerce sites, so you definitely don’t want anyone malicious to send another copy of commands and transfer twice. With HTTP, the data entered into your site is not encrypted, meaning that third parties can intercept that data.


Both Google and your site visitors pay attention to your site’s security. Gain more trust from users as data is transmitted and encrypted. 84% of site visitors would abandon a purchase if there was no HTTPS in use, according to GlobalSign’s research.

Ranking Advantage

Google has confirmed the ranking boost of HTTPS. Google has urged business owners to switch to HTTPS security encryption, and not conforming could lead to a lower ranking that could compromise business traffic and sales.


Infographic via 1&1 Blog.

Securing your site with HTTPS encryption security means any interaction made by a visitor to your site cannot be tracked by anyone else, and you don’t have to think about anyone watching over your – or your customer’s – shoulder.

We at Arrow Digital have been researching the best way to make our clients’ websites as secure as possible. That’s why we have introduced our HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) level security service for business owners to secure their website from potential threats and danger.

Let Arrow Digital take the headache out of getting your site secure and protected from cyber attackers. We help you set up your website from the backend, obtaining the certificate and dedicated IP address for your business and configuring and implementing them. Our experienced web developers are ready to walk you through this often complicated process and help you gain the security and peace of mind that you, as a business owner, need.

Contact us to discuss your website security!

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