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Cruise Company Experiences a 73% Jump in Website Visitors in only 6 Months


Quayside Charters is a charter cruise provider with over 14 years’ history in delivering cruise experiences exclusively in the Sydney Harbour area. Its qualified staff manages a fleet of boats with tailored event packages to suit clients’ requirements, whether they be corporate, group or private functions.


Prior to enlisting Arrow’s help, Quayside Charters had been attempting search engine optimisation and pay-per-click in-house, and were frustrated by unsatisfactory rankings and the fact they were missing out on a larger slice of the market share.

Since hiring Arrow Digital to take over our SEO work, we’ve been impressed by the rise in rankings and noticed that our bookings have also increased significantly, so they have definitely delivered on their promise. In addition to the results, I just love dealing with the Arrow team- they’re efficient and proactive so I feel we’re in good hands.

Quayside Charters


Accordingly, the overarching goal for the company was to boost their occupancy rates and sustain it over the long-term. Arrow launched a 15-keyword strategy for Quayside Charters to help them identify high value keywords poised to convert and overcome the challenges associated with their previous SEO efforts. The company was not ready for a full website redesign to maximise traffic, so a series of landing pages were also established with call-to-actions to facilitate the visitor journey, with particular focus on their stated priority of corporate bookings which offer higher revenue.


Since engaging Arrow’s services, Quayside Charter’s SEO performance has improved significantly. We have managed to double Quayside Charters first page rankings including a sustained number 1 ranking for a keyword of particular importance to the client. The potency of these rank improvements becomes clear in the website data which revealed a dramatic improvement in traffic volume, with up to a 72% increase in website sessions over a 6 month period compared to the previous 6 months. The number of website users also increased by 73%, and along with our milestone of reaching over 100,000 page views, it demonstrates the value of our SEO work to their marketing strategy and subsequent return on investment.
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