How to get rank 1 on Google

Anup Batra


Have you made it to page 1 of Google but aspire for the coveted rank 1?

Does the job seem daunting or do you think it’s a breeze…..Well, if you are not Ash Nallawalla or Bruce Clay :), I am sure there must be a fair bit of challenge.

But guess what, here are few steps which will help you get closer to the coveted rank 1 on Google in your industry.

  • Do thorough competitor analysis. This will provide opportunities to analyse the gaps e.g, your number of indexed pages, the strength of the incoming links etc
  • Examine your site structure, inner linking and anchor text. You will often find opportunities there
  • Put a system in place for ongoing fresh content on your website e.g, adding a blog and forum for user generated content
  • Write a story about your company/website and send it to media and newswires.
  • Participate in popular industry related websites and forums
  • Make your website interactive using online chat and clever tools which engage the target audience
  • Make the content persuasive
  • Use Google Analytics to find out your top bounce pages & exit pages. This will reveal the pages which need to be improved.
  • Use Social Media like Digg, Delicious, Facebook, Myspace, Linked in etc to create more traffic & links

If you are on page 1 and trying to get to rank 1, do share your experiences with us. We are the rank 1 seo company

But don’t just take our word for it, Google it

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