Recommended Metrics to track in Google Analytics

Anup Batra


Google Analytics is a great means of understanding a website and its potential as an online business. It is a crucial tool in the success of search engine optimisation campaigns. As an entrepreneur, you ought to be aware of how users perceive your website – an exercise made easy through Google Analytics.

Although every business is unique and calls for specific online marketing techniques, the following metrics are universally recommended because of their criticality to the optimisation process:

  • Search engine share of referring visits – You need to be aware of the sources that are sending traffic to your website. Knowing the percent share of search engines will determine the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of your campaign. It will help identify strengths and weaknesses of the efforts made by your SEO company.
  • Visits referred by specific search engines and phrases – Your report should clearly state the keywords or phrases that are bringing in users to your site. Also, it should be able to identify the specific search engines that are directing traffic through your target keywords.
  • Conversion rate by search query term or keyword – Find out which of your keywords or search query terms used by surfers are getting converted into results. This will give an insight into the kind of phrases or terms you need to focus your efforts on in order to get better conversion rates.
  • Number of pages receiving visitors from search engines – This report will clearly state the pages that are getting at least one visit from search engines. In essence, it will help you identify the pages that are popular with your visitors and the ones that need to be made more engaging.

Keeping a track of the above mentioned metrics will not only help you improvise upon your SEO results, but also give you a better chance to understand the online behaviour of your visitors.

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