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Anup Batra


I am writing a series on 52 SEO secrets. This will finally be launched as a deck of cards to be distributed to webmasters across Australia with a link to those who contribute to this series. We hope that this deck is of use to business owners as also webdesign and seo company. Let’s enjoy!

SEO Secret # 1 : Quality, relevant back links

Make your site visible on the web by obtaining quality relevant backlinks from websites considered as ‘important’ in your industry. This can be done by writing to the webmasters or submitting your website. It can also be done by posting information/content of value to readers on blogs and forums.

SEO Secret #2 : User Generated Content

Google has started putting a high emphasis on decency of content on a website. Many business owners struggle with putting fresh content on their website on a regular basis. The simplest way to generate content on a website is to invite users to contribute or create a section of there own. While this may not be possible on the homepage, it can be done on a seperate section of a website as a blog or a forum.

SEO Secret #3 : Know your prospects

Getting into the minds of our prospects is the key to success in sales. We need to know what do they search for, what turns them on and what puts them off. One good way to do this is to put ourselves in their shoes. When we go looking for a product or service online, what type of website makes us stay. One thing I always look for is a relaxed feel about the site where I can find what I want easily. Not one where there are many different images/videos/calls to action vying for my attention. What do you look for?

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