Search Engine Optimisation Techniques for PDF Documents

Anup Batra


Businesses are increasingly using PDF documents on their websites. It is important to optimise these documents so that users can find them easily.

So, here are some cool PDF search engine optimisation tips and tricks that will get your PDF more exposure on the search engines and also enhance link building activities on your website.

  • Try and create your PDF using a method that keeps most of the text as regular formatable text. This helps search engines in reading and indexing the text easily.
  • Formatable text is the text that can be copied and pasted on to another program. Use programs such as MS Word or Adobe PageMaker, so that the final product is text-based and ‘crawlable’.
  • Include important key phrases in the main tabs and headings and optimise the PDF like a regular HTML web page. Sprinkle the content with chosen keywords and phrases throughout your document.
  • When you write the description tag, include call-to-action phrases with the keywords highlighted. This will encourage more people to click through to the PDF.
  • Add one or more links to the PDF from pages on your website. It is advisable to link it to pages that are already indexed and not placed too deep within your site.
  • Links to the PDF should be created from pages that are highly credible or have a high PageRank. Also, such pages should have content that is relevant to the information contained in the PDF.

All in all, you need to keep the basic SEO guidelines in mind in order to be successful at getting good rankings for your PDF. Also, do not forget to submit your PDF to PDF-specific search engines like

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