Searcher Intent: Do your businesses keywords sell your customers?

Anup Batra


Think of the keywords that your business ranks (or wants to rank) highly for. Most SEO resources will tell you to consider factors such as:

  • Relevance to your target market.
  • Search frequency.
  • How heavy the competition is.

Well this is very true, and you wont get far without this but there is another factor to throw into the mix. Are these the keywords that a customer will type in when they want to BUY, or are they just searching for information? This can be called the “searchers intent”. This intent dictates the searcher, and ultimately whether they will or will not purchase your product/service or opt-in to your list.Lets have a brief look at different types of searches.

Information Hunting Searches

This type of search generally involves someone wanting to find something out that is purely informational. The commercial intent of the searcher here is low, as they most likely only intend to access the information needed without any further need for transaction. Example: “Melbourne Weather”, “Pandas”, “How far is the Sun from the Earth”etc.

Commercial Investigative Searches

This search is a mesh of information with commercial intent. The searcher may be looking for information on a planned purchase, but may not be ready to buy yet. These type of searches are commercial specific, but without the strong intent of a “buy” or “purchase” keyword to the search. Example: “Melbourne Laptop Store”, “Accommodation in Byron Bay”, “Outdoor furniture Chadstone” etc. And finally “The I’m probably ready to buy” transactional searches. Very similar to the “Commercial Investigative” search. This type of search involves a “readiness to buy” from the searcher (this is when your website should MAGICALLY appear). Often denoted by specific buying keywords such as “buy”, “discount” or even more specific geographical search terms. Anything that really shows that the searcher “knows” they will spend money. The line between an investigative and transactional search is somewhat blurred, but both types of searches can be targeted due to the increased “commercial intent” from the searcher. Example: ”
Buy Nike Shoes Online”, “Purchase cosmetics”, “Bed stores in Sydney CBD”.Next post, I will detail a tool that CAN DETERMINE THE COMMERICAL INTENT OF CUSTOMERS for any keyword! This will save you making the mistake of optimising useless search terms.

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