SEO 2.0

Anup Batra


So what is SEO 2.0 all about? If we can get a site top ranking on Google by following the steps, what’s the need for SEO 2.o.?

Imagine a business which has followed all the rules to get itself high search engine rankings. What should it do next to sharpen its emarketing edge. It needs to maximise the returns on the resulting traffic which is coming. Which is where interactivity and user engagement come into play. What are some great ways to do this?

Putting some useful tools on the website, personalising the user experience etc are methods that give quick wins in terms of better engagement and conversions.

Imagine entering an online store where they invite you to answer a few quick questions and then show you products and services which appeal to your taste. Not only that, the next time you visit the store, they ask you whether you are looking for similar products. What if a live chat operator comes and offers to help you, without necessarily trying to sell.

Enhanced user experience is the key to SEO 2.0 as sites more trusted by users will be sites more trusted by the search engines. So, if you have a great website and you want to take it to the next level, start thinking along these lines. And feel free to contact us for our SEO 2.0 services.

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