8 Ways SEO will change in 2009

Anup Batra


  • Keyword density will change to concept density:  Just inserting keywords will not work. Related keywords woven into meaningful concepts will do the magic.
  • Link Buyers will get a kick on the butt (good, Google). Can be seen from penalties on Google Japan
  • The social web will become important (blogs, forums, social media), will become extremely important as Google will give more weight to endorsements than artificially created links
  • Website usage data will become important. If your site is not fresh, engaging and useful for your visitors, forget about ranking on top
  • Google will crack down heavily on duplicate content.
  • Cheap SEO’s will become obsolete.
  • Credible SEO Consultants will be worth their weight in Gold 🙂
  • User generated content and interactivity will become popular. A survey by Nielsons Net Ratings reveals that online consumer recommendations are the second most trusted on media next only to word of mouth.
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