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Anup Batra


All websites are not born equal. While there is a set of SEO Techniques that you will apply to most websites, when you are optimising portals, directories or corporate websites with thousands of pages and a complex backend, no standard SEO techniques will suffice. This is when experience and expertise in handling a wide variety of projects is the only solution.

I am currently working on a website which has over 3000 pages and has different sections like advertisers, directories, forums, tools, member areas and content pages. Being in a highly popular and competitive category, the challenge is to work within the existing platform and it’s constraints and achieving traffic growth and page view targets.

As they say, you can eat an elephant if you go bit by bit. When I started working on the website, I found that changing the directory structure and URL naming will have a big impact. The challenge was that some of these pages already have a high page rank and I had to weigh the benefits of URL renaming. I also identified areas which had been ignored like ratio of inbound/outbound links, concept density and style in the website copy, internal linking to strengthen the tool pages which have impact on page views and visitor loyalty.

Within a period of four months, the organic visitors to the website increased by 32000. We have huge targets to meet so stay tuned as we share our six figure traffic increase numbers and how we get there.

Welcome any SEO Practioners or owners of Web Directories/Portals to share their challenges and achievements.

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