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We would like to thank our visitors for their appreciation….we are really enjoying the experience of sharing. We also appreciate the ideas of those posting comments on this blog. This month, this Blog has been recognised by Adspace pioneers and Marketing Magazine among the top 50 blogs in Australia.Here are a few more SEO Tips and we hope that you enjoy reading them :

Be original

When building your website, always create original and unique content. Copying content from another website, even if it is an international site, will be detrimental to getting good website position. Google applies duplicate penalty to sites which plagiaries content.

Browsers not readers

On the web, people often skim through the content. While you need to provide enough information for those who seek detail, you should not have long pages of running content. Break your content in sections with clear and compelling headlines. For example, if you are selling "notebook computers", a good headline is "The one-stop-shop for notebook computers" as opposed to Welcome to ABC Notebooks.


Add fresh content to your website on a regular basis. The content added should be contextually relevant. e.g, new articles, news or resources on the topic that your web-page is based on. Develop a repository of content to be published on the website on a weekly basis. Google is more likely to rank a site which is recent in it’s new content as compared to a site which hasn’t changed it’s content for many years.

How to use images

Use more text than images, and when using images make sure that they have an ALT Tag which is a method of helping google read what that image is about.
Create usergenerated content on your website by launching a blog/forum. This helps to create fresh content and also engages the visitors by increasing their sense of ownership in the website.

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