SEO Tip: Value Based SEO-Eliminate the Fluff

Anup Batra


Here are a few proven methods of increasing the value of SEO in the slower economy:

  1. Provide measurable results e.g ‘we will be able to get you 5 leads/day within 3 months’ as opposed to ‘we will improve your website rankings’
  2. Back your service with a guarantee : It’s not necessary that the guarantee be on rankings, instead provide a guarantee on minimum achievable results e.g, leads, sales, seminar attendees, members registered, software downloads etc
  3. Communicate in clear, transparent ways with your customers regarding their website challenges and opportunities. This will give you an opportunity to make them feel comfortable as also maximise your engagement
  4. Innovate continously : Don’t be content at page 1 rankings, aim for rank 1, Don’t be satisfied with getting large number of visitors, also look at how the website is engaging new and returning visitors
  5. Our aim as an SEO Expert should to be create customer acquisition, engagement and retention systems which improve the key metrics which influence the profitability of our clients. That is when their business and consequently our business will soar 🙂
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