7 Ways to Turbocharge your SEO in the Post Panda Era

Anup Batra


The process of SEO has been reinvented over the last few months with a series of changes to Google’s Algorithm.  Google has refined it’s technology to detect websites which are attempting to ‘appear relevant’ or ‘appear popular’.

I personally feel delighted about this because this has tilted the game in favour of those websites and SEO companies which make the sites friendly for the users and search engines.  Some of the things which we have been doing for many years now have turned into ‘Hot SEO Techniques’. So what are these techniques :

  • Write content which is engaging for your audience. This applies not just for the website but for all other marketing communication e.g blog, social media etc
  •  Increase visitor loyalty. Give reasons to your visitors to keep coming back to your website. This can be done by finding out what it is that your visitors search for and starting an information series e.g blogs, video, articles so that your visitors bookmark your website and keep coming back.
  •  Create a buzz on your social media channels by way of competitions, polls, giveaways etc
  •  Use Video to create high quality links. Get the video URL on your website by including a video site map and  promote the video on vlogs etc.
  •   Create a relationship with the community of bloggers in your industry and get opportunities for guest blogging.
  •   Publish news about the latest developments in your industry.
  •  Publish Advice for your target audience and have a section on your website for them.

In essence the sure way to turbocharge your SEO is to become a powerful and valuable resource for your target audience and your industry.  At first, this seems overwhelming but just a few weeks of consistent effort will take your SEO efforts to another level.







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