SEO-What’s hot, what’s not

Anup Batra


This is a part of a series I am launching on SEO-What’s Hot, What’s Not with a weekly update.

SEO is ever changing. Keeping abreast of the latest developments is vital for outperforming competition. So come on friends, let’s sharpen our axe and get the cutting edge 🙂

What’s Hot :

The Long Tail

What’s Not :

Few Selected Keywords

The reason for this trend is that searching habits of users are becoming more mature as time passes by. If someone is looking for a ‘five star hotel in sydney harbour’, they will not type ‘hotels’ to look for it. Being on page 1 results for the word ‘hotels’  (and putting in massive efforts for maintaining the ranking) will still not get you the person who was looking for a five star hotel like yours on the Sydney harbour. Besides, you can get that ranking with relatively lesser effort.

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