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Make your website a link magnet-rankings will follow

Linkbait is any piece of content that inspires web users to link to it. By creating innovative and exciting stuff, you offer your content as ‘bait’ to attract links from other sources. But, how do you produce linkbait that is sure to work for your site? The following points give an insight into how to be successful in garnering online attention and links.

Know your client inside-out

This seems to be the most basic prerequisite of beginning a link building campaign. However, many a times, we tend to ignore the basics and make silly mistakes. Thoroughly study your client’s website and try to figure out how you can create an interesting article from the information provide therein.

Research & find ideas for inspiration

Browse through as many online resources as possible to find information on the topic you wish to write on. Wikipedia, Google News, Digg, Reddit, etc. are some of the most popular sources where you can get information galore on wide-ranging topics

Freshness is forever pleasing

Try and come up with something that has not been talked about much on the web. Avoid stories that are easily discovered on most online sources; this indicates they have gone viral to a great extent. Write content that will really help users and give them a reason to link to you.

Pictures speak

Visual stimulation is always welcome on the web. Use photographs in your linkbait as and where possible. A picture is, any day, worth more than a thousand words.

Simplicity is universally appealing

Keep your content simple and to the point. Avoid the use of jargon  that would require your users to keep the dictionary handy for reference purposes. This will lead to you losing important users who could have been prospective ‘linkers’.

Title should say it all

When you create content for linkbaiting, it is imperative that the title of your article is attractive at the outset. First impression matters a lot; therefore, use short, punchy titles that can rouse a reader’s interest. Only then will he go on to read the article and possibly, link to it.

These simple ideas can make your website popular and provide natural seo. High rankings and traffic will also improve your branding and save you a fair proportion of your marketing budget which is otherwise spent on low ROI initiatives.

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