Tighten up your Adwords potential

Take advantage of Google Adwords’ two advertising spaces – the Search and Display networks – and start capitalising on opportunities with potential customers. Engage where your leads already searching for your goods and servicing and capture their attention further down the sales cycle, remarketing your business through response ads that appear on YouTube videos, Facebook, in apps and millions of websites that use the Google Display Network.

Google Adwords responsive ads are terrific because they can mould to fit any space on the Google Display Network. No longer restricted to certain parametres, you as the business owner can see your ads appearing in more places and in more scenarios, therefore providing more opportunities for clicks to convert.

Responsive ads are not only more attractive, rich media marketing strategies that you see on YouTube videos, through Facebook native spaces or floating about relevant websites, but they’re proven to make click-through rates and conversion rates skyrocket.

Tighten up your advertising game by letting an Arrow Adwords expert on board your ship. They’ll walk you through how to turn your products and services into easily digestible content.

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