Get your emails opened

Many businesses come to us and ask, what is email marketing automation? We’re so glad you asked. In fact, almost 90% of Australian business leaders want to become more digitally savvy but so many of them don’t know how.

The ecommerce market is saturated with hungry players – many of them competing for your market share. Ecommerce email marketing automation is a tool that is easy to set up, use and monitor to best discover how to grow your target audience and the pitfalls that are turning them away from you.

Don’t let these tools pass you by! Using marketing automation for your email lists is a simple way to remain competitive and ensure you’re targeting the write people using the right words, with the right product, at the right time for them. Mailchimp is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools at your disposal.

Confusing? It doesn’t have to be! Let the Arrow team of experienced marketing automation consultants help you set up an account that delivers powerful email worthy of clicks and adds-to-cart.

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