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If people were to Google your name, business or brand right now, would they find only positive or neutral information? The online space can be a minefield for businesses, with more power now in the hands of customers and other entities to champion or diminish a brand’s reputation and success. Greater visibility means that a negative branding situation can persist long after its resolution and prevent recovery from the damage. Whether you are battling negative search results, poor reviews, or bad press, there are ways to manage your reputation online. Arrow has worked on many high profile projects and can help you restore brand integrity (not to mention your peace of mind). Read more

Arrow Digital is a full-service agency that tackles all aspects of digital marketing, backed by 10 years’ experience in improving business’s stakeholder engagement to witness their ROI soar to new heights. We are ideally sized in the sense that we have the reputation and capacity to handle complex, high-revenue campaigns but not so big that our clients are made to feel like ‘just another number’.

Our close-knit team of 20 digital specialists live and breathe marketing and take genuine delight in growing businesses’ revenue. We work tenaciously to get you results and won’t rest until you are satisfied; and even then we will continue to push for ways to further optimise and add value to your digital strategy.

When it comes to online reputation management, we understand how devastating negative publicity can be on your bottom line and business outlook. Bad online publicity is tough to recover from, as it generally won’t go away on its own, and you can’t politely ask Google to remove it. The good news is that Arrow knows Google search listings inside and out, so whether it’s a person’s name or a brand name that is the target of the negative press, in the form of listings, article(s), reviews or feedback, we have a solution for you

Burying the offending material from view is our goal, and we accomplish this by first assessing the moveability of search result listings and then developing a roadmap to guide progress. Time is clearly of the essence and we work with urgency to stop the spread of damage and give your brand a fresh start. Our strategy involves creating new sites/profiles, selecting and positioning content, and developing backlinks designed to facilitate the downward movement of the bad press and the rise of neutral/positive content to take its place.

Furthermore, Arrow operates with the utmost integrity so there are no underhanded tactics involved in our online reputation management process- just a safe, reliable removal of your problem for long-term results.

At Arrow Digital we are fully confident of our ability to reset your online brand reputation and open up new opportunities for growth. Let us show you how; contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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For businesses wanting to tackle bad publicity head-on, by way of a reliable and systematic burial of problematic search listings to restore their brand’s integrity.

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Case Study

Solar Energy


  • Restore neutral/positive brand image via the channel of organic search



Arrow developed a targeted reputation management strategy for a company in the solar energy industry whose brand image was suffering as a result of…

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“There was a series of bad reviews about one of the Directors by a disgruntled ex-partner turned competitor. We found out the IP address from which the bad reviews were coming and a notice was sent to the offender to stop posting defamation content. Arrow also optimised the profile of Directors who were affected by that and optimised their LinkedIn, Blogs and other content. After few weeks the good reviews and profiles were ranked higher than the other ones and the client was delighted.”

Large Solar Panel Company


“For one of our clients, 4 out of 10 listings were bad reviews by a malicious ex-employee. We created a digital strategy with use of assets like Blogs, Social Media Profiles and then optimised them so that when user makes a search, they appear higher than the negative listings. Finally, in four months, we moved all the negative reviews to page 3 and lower successfully.”

Large Coffee Brand


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Agile Approach

Evolving & flexible to meet changing market demands. We respect and listen to our clients to carefully tailor a campaign that supports their current and future needs.

Results Driven

A proud, proven track record of delivering exceptional ROI. Our results speak for themselves – no lock in contracts required.

Customer Affinity

An agency with a heart that truly delights in our clients’ prosperity. We live and breathe marketing and will go that extra mile for your business.

Strong Track Record

10 Years’ industry experience across a diverse and high-profile client base. $780 million profit added to our clients’ bottom line across 27 industries.

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