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Are you sceptical about getting qualified leads from social media? Social media is clearly here to stay and to be ignored at your brand’s own peril, but simply maintaining an active social media presence is not enough! Research shows that 38% of organisations planned to spend over 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels in 2015, up from 13% the previous year. Businesses may be grasping the importance of social media, but confusion remains on how to carry it out strategically to boost their bottom line. Arrow Digital has 10 years’ experience in helping business excel in social media to reach their engagement and sales targets and stay well ahead of the pack. Read more

Arrow is a full-service agency that has earned the status of a certified, Premium Google Partner. We are ideally sized in the sense that we have the reputation and capacity to handle complex, high-revenue campaigns but not so big that our clients are made to feel like ‘just another number’.

Our close-knit team of 20 digital specialists live and breathe marketing and take genuine delight in growing businesses’ revenue. We work tenaciously to get you results and won’t rest until you are satisfied; and even then we will continue to push for ways to further optimise and add value to your social media strategy.

Hindered by time and/or skill level, many businesses confess to a scattered approach to their social media that is not guided by the proper use of analytics data and thus lacking in direction. Even if your messaging is strong, are the messages going to the right people at the right time when they are most likely to act? Arrow can eliminate this uncertainty and relieve you of the responsibility.

We have ample experience across all social media platforms and will identify the right avenues to represent your brand in the best light. The Arrow difference is that we devote extra time and attention to truly understand your product/service and once we have grasped your unique selling points, apply our proven techniques to yield success. By entrusting us with your content, we will spearhead a collaborative campaign that keeps you informed of changes and progress every step of the way.

Although brand awareness and engagement are the critical first steps, our strategy approach does not overlook the importance of sales to you. Unlike some other agencies, we are not satisfied with merely ‘collecting clicks’, and strive to boost your dollar at every turn. We can help you take advantage of tactics you perhaps hadn’t even thought about using, towards visible results you didn’t even think were possible through social media advertising.

As a proud performance-based agency, we let the results speak for themselves and do not believe in lock-in contracts. 65% of our AdWords clients have been on board for 3+ years.

At Arrow Digital we are fully confident of our ability to achieve the winning formula that is currently eluding you. Let us show you how; contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Social Media Marketing Service Packages


Who is it for?

You are a small business and want to create a successful social media presence to build your brand awareness and engagement levels through dynamic content. We’ll develop a solid social media footing to promote your brand.


  • Setup of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In profiles
  • Management of posts/content including creative copy and images
  • Crafting of content strategy for user engagement
  • Targeted reach: audience segmentation and interest group testing

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Who is it for?

Your business wants to stay ahead of the competition and capitalise on all social media channels to secure brand recall and continually engage all relevant audiences. We’ll deliver higher-level advertising tactics towards dominating the market landscape.


  • Setup of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Linked In profiles
  • Management of posts/content including creative copy and images
  • Targeted reach: audience segmentation and interest group testing
  • Facebook advertising content and scheduling
  • Integrated Facebook branding plan
  • Facebook Insights market analysis & reporting
  • Facebook competition creation/Twitter promotions

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At Arrow we have worked with over




Budgets Managed Annually


Industries Serviced


Qualified Leads Annually

Case Study

Food Production


  • Create a footprint in the social space and build an online community
  • Grow brand awareness and increase Supermarket sales
  • Build engagement through exciting competitions and giveaways
  • Target the right audience with compelling messages



Arrow launched Facebook & Pinterest accounts and built them from the ground up. We identified Mountain Bread’s relevant audience and crafted effective messaging…

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Why Choose Arrow?

Agile Approach

Evolving & flexible to meet changing market demands. We respect and listen to our clients to carefully tailor a campaign that supports their current and future needs.

Results Driven

A proud, proven track record of delivering exceptional ROI. Our results speak for themselves – no lock in contracts required.

Customer Affinity

An agency with a heart that truly delights in our clients’ prosperity. We live and breathe marketing and will go that extra mile for your business.

Strong Track Record

10 Years’ industry experience across a diverse and high-profile client base. $780 million profit added to our clients’ bottom line across 27 industries.

Our Winning Strategy

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