So you want to claim the lion’s share?

Anup Batra


Claiming the lion’s share of business in any industry is an art, known to and practiced by selected people. So what is the secret recipe of those who lead the market and give sleepless nights to their competition?

While launching our Dominate SEO Package at Arrow, I conducted some research on winning companies and found the following things :

  • Originality :  Leaders are innovators. They come up with original ideas to serve a gap in the market and innovate their way to success.
  • Engagement : Leaders know how to engage their employees, prospects, customers and investors and collaborate with them to evolve their offerings
  • Killers : : Leaders are killers..They are on the lookout for opportunities and know how to close them
  • Street Smart : Leaders know their stuff but they are also street smart.They can respond to changes in the business environment with an amazing agility
  • Risk-Takers : Leaders are risk takers. They know how much risk to take and when. They can be very liberal with spending or very frugal depending on the time and occasion
  • Focus :  Leaders know the power of focus and preserve their energy for selected items on their agenda, putting other ideas on the back-burner
  • Both Arrogant and Humble : Leaders can be both brash and modest, depending on the situation.
  • Have fun at work : Leaders enjoy their work and it is their passion which gives them the energy to stretch themselves
  • Leverage :  Leaders understand that winning requires partnering with capable people and businesses and go all out to maximise leverage

So you want to claim the lion’s share in your business? Talk to us today on 1300 766 665 and get set for market leadership in 2017

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